HCF Australia 100% Back on Dental Services Commercial Actress

HCF Australia announces, in a humorous new commercial, that you can get 100% back on dental services through its no-gap network.

The 30-second ad features two common dentist-related scenarios and an uncommon one. In the opening of the video a woman is shown flossing right before an appointment and a man trying to make small talk when the dentist is checking his teeth. “Trying to fool the dentist. That’s common. Struggling to make small talk. That’s common,” the voiceover says, adding also the uncommon thing, which is “looking forward to tapping your card”.

“With HCF, you get 100% back on a range of dental services on our no-gap provider network,” the voiceover also says at the end of the commercial, urging viewers to join Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund.

The offer is valid on annual check-ups, mouthguards and scale and clean. Waiting periods and annual limits apply.

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