Haven TV Advert - Surfer Kids

Haven has dropped its Summer 2022 TV advert, encouraging people to book their summer break at haven.com.

“Have the beach within easy reach. Have run after run, a one-to-one and belly laugh fun. Have space. That look on their face. Your very own happy place. Here, life’s a breeze. No stress, just ease. And life long-lasting memories.

Have so much more for so much less,” says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, which features a diverse cast of families and friends enjoying their holidays in various holiday parks, where they get to engage in all kinds of activities, that suit their lifestyle and mood, as well.

People can now book epic summer breaks for only £329, with a £30 deposit, and spread the cost of their holiday.

Haven has 37 parks across the UK where travelers find accommodation, entertainment, a wide range of activities, food, and drinks.

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