GEICO Woman Living in Victorian House Commercial Actress

GEICO has released a new ad to highlight the savings GEICO customers get when bundling their home and car insurance.

The commercial, part of the “Bundling Made Easy” campaign, features a young homeowner who says she loves her new home and that she always wanted a house with historic architecture. However, she can’t help asking if it isn’t too Victorian. As she enters the living room, a group of women clad in Victorian dresses notice the interesting hemline on her pants, which is actually her crossbody bag. Other shots illustrate the challenges she needs to deal with while living in that house, but – eventually – she sees a silver lining in all this, namely that GEICO makes bundling her home and car insurance easy.

“For bundling made easy, go to,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which also sees the Victorian ladies believing that the homeowner is a ghost when she’s having a cleansing mask on her face.

GEICO’s “Bundling Made Easy” campaign includes several other spots, each featuring homeowners who must deal with all kinds of problems, from clogging problems to issues caused by angry birds, noisy neighbors, location near an airport, and more.

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