GEICO The Gecko Tells a Cinderella Story Commercial

GEICO has unveiled a new commercial featuring its longtime mascot the Gecko.

The spot features a host commenting on a basketball game and exclaiming, at some point, “Wow, what a Cinderella story we have here!” The Gecko, who serves as a co-host, is asking who doesn’t love a Cinderella story. He then starts listing various things from the classic tale, pointing out how the story keeps you on the edge of your seat, such as the question if the glass slipper is going to fit, the evil stepsisters who almost chase the prince off, and the carriage, that turns back into a pumpkin at midnight. “Have you ever tried to drive a pumpkin?” the Gecko asks, mentioning that it’s “very unwieldy.” When the co-host asks him what he is talking about, the Gecko seems surprised by the question.

The commercial, which celebrates the company’s status as Official Partne of NCAA March Madness, ends with the voiceover urging viewers to go to and see how much they could save.

Created by The Martin Agency and modified in 2005 to a CGI character by Animation Director David Hulin, GEICO’s reptilian mascot first appeared in 2000, during the Screen Actors Guild strike, that prevented the use of live actors, and became GEICO’s longest-running mascot, appearing in more than 150 commercials. Over the years, he has been voiced by multiple actors, including Kelsey Grammer, Dave Kelly, and Jake Wood.

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