GEICO RV Camping Commercial - Feat Nipper Knapp, Aria Chadbourne and Anson Cronk

“When you RV, you choose where you go. But no matter where you end up, you could save when you bundle with GEICO for your RV. And you’ll have 24/7 claims and roadside assistance even if you end up in a pile of leaves, stuck in a hammock or covered in sticky sap.” This is the idea behind the latest GEICO ad, titled “Even if You End Up Here”.

The 30-second spot features a family on a road trip in their RV, who camp in a remote area, in the middle of nowhere, and experience all kinds of mishaps.

Darrell, the son, gets stuck in a hammock, they all get covered by thousands of leaves falling from the trees above, and then in a sticky sap, while tapping for syrup.

The voiceover points out that, wherever you choose to go, with GEICO RV, you’ll get 24/7 claims and emergency roadside service, even if you end up here, and you could save even more when you bundle.

The commercial stars Nipper Knapp as Dad, Carolina Espiro as Mom, Aria Chadbourne as Daughter, and Anson Cronk as Son.

GEICO is famous for its ad campaigns. The insurance company also promotes its Car Insurance, Boat Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance in numerous commercials, many starring celebrities.

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