GEICO Motorcycle Zen Zach Commercial

GEICO says it provides “savings and service for both your sides” in one of its latest ads, which promotes its motorcycle coverages and introduces Zen Zach.

The spot features Zach (played by Chris Kleckner) as a man whose life-work balance is anything but balanced. However, when he gets on the bike, he becomes Zen Zach. This new version of Zach exists outside of time, according to the voiceover, who also reveals that “his heartbeat sounds like a mellow drum circle” and “the only notification he hears is the sound of the ocean”. Those who want to reach him are advised to talk to the ocean in this case.

The ad also informs that Zen Zach rides with GEICO because saving money and getting great coverage is totally chill, and concludes with the voiceover saying the tagline “GEICO. Savings and service for both your sides”.

GEICO has released several ads for its motorcycle insurance. One of them shows a worker who was supposed to line a baseball field but started daydreaming that he was riding a motorcycle and did quite a mess on the field. Other ads feature a parking booth monitor who loses track of time as he day dreams about riding his bike, a man at his baby gender reveal party who imagines he’s riding the motorcycle and singing The Troggs’ single “Wild Thing”, a father daydreaming about riding his motorcycle and singing Whitesnake’s 1982 power ballad “Here I Go Again” while at his son’s birthday party, and a groom daydreaming about riding his motorcycle while saying his wedding wows.

GEICO says it offers “cheap insurance rates and great coverage” regardless of the two-wheel vehicle you have, be it a sport bike, moped, cruiser, touring bike, standard, or antique.

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