GEICO Lamp Problems Commercial Actors

GEICO has dropped a new ad in its “Bundling Made Easy” campaign.

The spot features a couple of homeowners saying they love their new home because it’s a great neighborhood and they have a big backyard. However, they have a lamp problem. Every time a child scores at hockey, their lamp lights turn red and a hockey goal horn is heard. Obviously, many of their daily activities are affected by this problem. When the husband is trying to meditate or when the wife is trying to cut a bonsai tree or when they least expect it, the hockey goal horn rings, disturbing them.

Nevertheless, the two life partners point out that GEICO makes bundling their home and auto insurance easy, which helped them save a lot.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to go to for bundling made easy.

The insurance company’s “Bundling Made Easy” campaign features several other homeowners who deal with all kinds of problems, from Ratt problems to fencing problems, from problems due to angry birds to problems due to their proximity to the airport, and more.

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