Fussy Deodorant Deck the Halls Armpit Version Commercial - Carol Singers

Sustainable deodorant brand Fussy features a group of carol singers who perform a rendition of “Deck The Halls” with their armpits in its Christmas commercial.

The spot opens with one man clad in a Christmas-themed jumper ripping off one of his sleeves and starting to pat on his bare armpit. A second man is then shown revealing a set of jingle bells attached to his armpit hair. It soon turns out that the group of unusual carol singers consists of four members. One woman steps forward and plays the main melody with an array of moist armpit farts and another woman uses a violin bow on her unusually long armpit hair to accompany her fellow “musicians”.

When the singers end their performance, the couple realizes that they are waiting for money and the husband slowly pushes some bills on the entrance rug and closes the door.

A lady watching the scene from her window looks at her armpit and tries to use it as a musical instrument, too.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Make your armpits happy this Christmas” appearing on the screen.

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