Fruit Smash Super Hard Seltzer Commercial / TV Advert

New Belgium Brewing has released a new commercial to promote its Fruit Smash Super Hard Seltzer.

The spot features a disembodied European DJ head coming out of a Fruit Smash Super Hard Seltzer box and singing “Fruit Fruit Fruit” The partygoers start dancing and one of them passes through a wall. Arrived in another apartment, the young man starts dancing again, along with the other guests. The atmosphere is entertained by the same disembodied DJ head.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Party Juice” flashing across the screen.

The brand’s Fruit Smash Super Hard Seltzer is made with real fruit juice and other natural flavors, has 8% ABV, and is available in three varieties – Cherry Lime Chill, Wild Watermelon, and Pineapple Punch.

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