Free McDonald's for Life Commercial Actors - McDonald's Rich

McDonald’s highlights that you could win free McDonald’s for life in its latest commercial.

The spot illustrates the idea of McDonald’s rich by showing people who own the McGold Card (and are able to enjoy free McDonald’s for life) paying for other consumers at a drive-thru, being named “Employee of the Year” every year because they bring free burgers to all their coworkers at the office, for lunch, stopping at every McDonald’s restaurant when traveling.

“If you win Free McDonald’s for Life, congratulations, you’re McDonald’s rich!” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, urging viewers to order in the app this season for a chance to win the McGold Card AKA Free McDonalds for life for them and three friends.

The fast-food restaurant chain announced the contest during its “SZN of Sharing” promotional event, where the grand prize is a lifetime supply of McDonald’s. The McGold card gives owners the possibility to have two McDonald’s meals per week for 50 years, for a grand total of 5,200 meals.

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