FedEx Winter Play at School Kids Christmas Commercial

FedEx announces that FedEx Express and FedEx Ground are proud to be the first nationwide carriers to provide picture proof of delivery without requiring an account or log in for residential deliveries in its Christmas commercial.

Titled “We’re ready for the holidays,” the spot tells the story of Mr. Harvey, a teacher working with a group of children for the Winter Play at school. The voiceover says the event “was really coming together until disaster struck”. What happened is that a cleaning worker took the costumes and threw them away. Viewers are also informed that “tensions were high, but luckily replacement costumes were shipped with FedEx, which means Mr. Harvey could picture the perfect night”.

At the end of the commercial, which is set to a classical piece of music, the narrator adds the tagline “We’re ready for the holidays so you’re ready for what’s next”.

Picture Proof of Delivery was launched earlier this year, in June, and is free, easily accessible through FedEx tracking tools. The service, provided in the US and Canada to residential customers, does not require enrollment. This means customers receive a photo showing the exact location of their package once it’s delivered to their doorstep, by simply tracking their package.

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