Farmers Safe Drivers Standoff Commercial Actor

Farmers has released a new commercial to promote one of its Policy Perks.

The spot, titled “Safe Driving Standoff,” features two drivers stopped at a crosswalk trying to drive as safely as possible.

“It’s all you,” one of them tells the other, who has a beard.

“No, I insist,” replies the bearded one, who refuses to go when he’s informed that it’s his turn.

“I appreciate you so much, thank you so much, go!” says the first one.

“I appreciate your appreciation, it fills me,” answers the second driver, with a beard, who’s still stopped, waiting for the other to hit the road.

At this point, actor J.K. Simmons, the company’s spokesman, who’s standing nearby, talking to a woman, tells her that safe drivers save money with Farmers just for driving safely as this is one of Farmers Policy Perks. He then urges viewers to get Farmers and get a Safe Driver Discount simply for having a clean driving record for three years.

Farmers has been promoting its Policy Perks in the past, too. Other perks include accident forgiveness, Auto Multi-Policy Discount, Auto/Home Discount, Guaranteed Replacement Cost, and more.

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