Evian Emma Raducanu & Dupa Lipa Commercial

Evian has enlisted Emma Raducanu and Dua Lipa to star in its newest ad campaign, titled “Drink True”.

In one of the spots, set amongst a visual backdrop of mountain silhouettes and shot across a bright pink tennis court, the tennis champion teaches the global music superstar how to perfect her forehand. Emma explains how to grip, make a shoulder turn and then swing, which Dua Lipa does, impressing Emma.

Dua Lipa then invites Emma to try out her iconic dance routines to the rhythms of her song “Physical”, which plays in the background.

Eventually, the singer concludes that Emma is definitely a much better dancer than she’s a tennis player. The two are shown drinking some Evian water at the end and having fun together while collecting the balls.

“Getting to experience a bit of how Emma trains for the summer tennis season first-hand only added to the immense amount of respect I have for her and her craft. I also got to turn the tables and bring her into my world to coach her through parts of my performance routine! I think both experiences allowed us to challenge ourselves in new ways, while finding common ground in the importance of being true to ourselves and sharing our passions,” Lipa said in a press statement about her collaboration with Emma Raducanu for evian’s campaign.

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