E*TRADE Commercial Working from Home - Kids Playing

“We can’t keep your kids out of trouble, but we can help you find opportunities in the market with Power E*TRADE” this is the idea behind the latest E*TRADE commercial.

The spot features a man working from home and having a video conference in which he talks about sales. At some point, he notices his two kids nearby, wreaking havoc in the living room, pouring flour all over the floor right in front of the fan, which is turned on. Stressed out by what happens around him, the man is unable to finish his sentence.

“You’ve compromised enough lately. That’s why there’s E*TRADE” onscreen lines read toward the end of the commercial, which highlights that E*TRADE has powerful easy to use tools to help you find opportunities, 24/7 support when you need answers, as well as some of the lowest options and futures contract prices around.

“Get E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley and start trading today,” the voiceover says, while an onscreen line informs that it’s $0.50 per options contract for active traders and $1.50 per futures contract.

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