eBay Refurbished Magic Box Man in the Kitchen Commercial

eBay has released a new campaign, developed in partnership with agency Barrett, to promote products sold under eBay’s Refurbished banner.

One of the spots features a man standing in his kitchen, ready to unbox some appliances from the eBay Refurbished Magix Box. He says he needs to make breakfast and he pulls out all kinds of items, from a kitchen robot to a mixer, saying that eBay gives you top-quality products from your favorite brands. When his wife shows up in the kitchen, he asks her if she’s hungry but, with a sleepy face, she points out it’s 3AM. “So you’re not hungry,” he concludes. She turns around and leaves, without saying another word, while onscreen lines read “Right products. Right condition. Right price”.

The campaign, which marks Barrett’ first work for eBay, also includes display banners and runs online, on Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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