eBay Bargain Hunters Advert - Woman Eating Cereals

eBay UK has launched a new cross-channel campaign, titled “That’s the eBay Way” and created in partnership with McCann London, which aims to showcase “eBay’s ambition to provide a better way to buy and sell, both for people and the planet.”

One of the spots introduces the “Bargain Hunters” and features a diverse cast of eBay users who use the eBay website or mobile app to purchase the item they want and get a fantastic bargain on it. They are shown browsing for the product they wish for – a laptop, a pair of headphones, a bike, or a pair of boxing gloves – a while before tapping the “Buy it now” button. Early in the morning, while having breakfast, late in the evening, or while waiting for the bus, at the bus station – these “Bargain Hunters” are shown doing their research and getting a bargain on the desired product.

“Bargain hunters. Such a reductive title. This isn’t light entertainment. This is a sport. These, the apex predators. Their research – done. Sure, it may look like he’s just having a latte, but now it’s time to strike. Finding the perfect thing, at the perfect price,” the voiceover says in the 30-second spot, adding the tagline “That’s the eBay Way”.

Similar adverts in the campaign introduce other two tribes, namely “Style Seekers” and “Experts”.

“That’s the eBay way” also includes OOH and Press, as well as full social and digital cover.


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