eBay Authenticity Guarantee on Luxury Handbags Advert Actors

eBay UK has released a new advert to highlight that the e-commerce company ensures an Authenticity Guarantee on Luxury Handbags.

The 60-second spot introduces a diverse cast of characters, including Zoe, whose thing is buying pre-loved, Dino, who loves hunting down designer steals, silly dancing, and is happiest when spending some alone time with his coveted bags. The third protagonist is Anita, a young woman in a fancy red dress, who is “as real as it gets”, and loves being ultra-polished and matching her bags to her mood.

The ad then goes on by featuring eBay’s Marianna and Magda, Authenticity experts. “For them authenticity is all about the details,” the voiceover says, mentioning the stitching, the logos, the zippers, and the smell. They check all these details for consumers, so they could be sure the luxury handbags they purchase are authentic.

“Shop luxury handbags on eBay. Now with Authenticity Guarantee,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert.

eBay has been promoting its Authenticity Guarantee, which is available for select items only, in several ads over the past years. In 2020, the brand promoted its Sneakers Authenticity Guarantee, highlighting that this service is set to become available for all collectible sneakers of more than $100 in 2021.


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