DoorDash Australia Guy Living in Tiny Studio Visited by Parents Commercial - We DoorDash

DoorDash Australia has released a hilarious new commercial to promote its services and a deal that gives consumers the chance to get 50% off their first two orders.

The spot features a couple of parents paying a visit to their son, who lives alone in what they knew was a small apartment. However, from the very moment they enter realize his studio is extremely tiny. The fridge door cannot be opened due to a chair placed at the kitchen table and the oven cannot be used because it serves as a closet for shoes. Asked what they are going to eat, the young man doesn’t know what to answer for a second. Luckily, his dad comes up with the idea of ordering something through DoorDash. Their meals arrive in no time and they are thus able to enjoy lunch together at this “home warming party”, where they also find out that his bed pulls down from the ceiling.

The brand’s “We DoorDash” campaign, launched in October 2021 via Cummins&Partners, marks the first local brand campaign in Australia. Since entering the Australian market in September 2019, the delivery platform has expanded its range of delivered products, covering, besides food and groceries, also pharmaceuticals, pet products, haircare, and more.

With DoorDash, people can choose from the largest selection of Australian restaurants and have their meals delivered to their door. DoorDash has also partnered with multi-service delivery platform Shippit, providing on-demand delivery for some of Australia’s largest retailers including Cotton On, Target, and Big W.

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