Dole Fruit Bowls Commercial - Alphorn - Alpine Horn

Dole Sunshine Company promotes its fruit bowls in a new commercial, part of the brand’s “Hold My Fruit Bowl” campaign.

The spot opens with a man who’s standing by a lake, in nature, with his wife and daughter, and tells them that no one skips rocks like dad. The girl takes this as a challenge and, after handing her bowl of sliced mandarins over to her mom, saying “Hold my fruit bowl”, grabs a rock and impresses everyone with her amazing “performance”. Her rock ends up into a man’s alpine horn (also known as alphorn) and makes him stop from playing music.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the brand’s tagline, “Dole. Hold my fruit bowl”. The brand’s bowls of sliced pears in 100% syrup and sliced mandarins in 100% syrup are shown on the screen.

The brand’s offering includes Regular Fruit Bowls (all in 100% juice), Fruit Bowls in slightly sweetened Coconut Water, Fruit Bowls in Gel, Dole Mixations, Fruit Bowls with No Sugar Added, Fruit Parfaits, and Organic Fruit Bowls.

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