DIRECTV has launched a series of new ads to tout DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS.

One of them features a juggler trying to impress his audience – people in a waiting room – but he fails to do that as all of his tricks end up quite severely. The voiceover declares that there’s a better way to entertain customers and urges business owners to upgrade their business with the ultimate entertainment experience. The Business Select Pack is priced at $59.99.

The other spots in the campaign various professionals brought in the same waiting room to entertain the people. However, their attempts to bring a smile to their faces are in vain since their skills are not very strong. Among these professionals whose mission is to make people laugh are a ventriloquist, a ribbon dancer, a magician, a one-man band, and even a dog pony.

DIRECTV says that DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS customers get 99% worry-free signal reliability and a wide range of channels, from national to local, so that they could watch news, sports and various shows whenever and wherever they want.


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