Denny's Open for Anything Commercial Owl

Denny’s highlights, in its latest commercial, that America’s Diner is “Open For Anything”.

“At Denny’s, we’re open for a lot of reasons. Open for you earning cool points on dates, open for your special orders, for brain freezes, and fry thieves. Open for old souls and kids at heart. For night owls and your food happy dances. Whatever you come to America’s Diner for, we’re open for anything,” the voiceover says throughout the 30-second ad, which features a diverse cast of consumers in Denny’s restaurants, illustrating the voiceover’s message.

Denny’s partnered with 24 online creators, including Latina comedic maven Jenny Solares, dynamic father & son duo Randy and Brice Gonzalez, social lifestyle queen Elise Osafo, Elliott Norris and Matt Taylor, who brought their personal flavor to 12 limited-time-only menu items. Consumers are encouraged to follow the chain’s “Get That Cookie Dough Pancakes”, which is a collaboration with the Enky Boys and Jenny Solares.

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