De'Longhi Capsule Desk Loop Commercial / Advert Actress

De’Longhi has released a new commercial to introduce its Capsule Desk Loop, a ceramic personal fan-heater designed to create your ideal micro-climate while attending to sedentary activities.

The spot includes footage of a woman using the Capsule Desk Loop to get the warmth she needs while working at her desk, juxtaposed with footage of various other things – such as a hand watering a plant, pieces of crumpled paper thrown in the garbage can, a ticking wall clock, a hand mixing sugar in a cup of tea, and more.

The soundtrack music is the instrumental version of “Open Fields” by Captain Qubz.

The launch of this innovative product marks a milestone into the brand’s path towards sustainability as it is made with 50% recycled plastic. As a further contribution to an increasingly responsible practice, its packaging, both outer box and inner protections, is 100% made of recycled materials.

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