Dacia Duster Don't Worry, Be Duster Advert / Werbung

Dacia UK advertises the new Dacia Duster, now available with a new automatic gearbox for £179 per month, in a new TV spot.

The 30-second video follows a Dacia Duster Prestige TCe 150 EDC driving across various types of terrain, while the voiceover says that, with the new Dacia Duster, you don’t have to worry about the mud, don’t worry about changing gears thanks to the new automatic gearbox, don’t worry about the price and don’t worry the song playing in the background will definitely be in your head all day.

The soundtrack music is a rendition of the iconic “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin, with the word “Happy” replaced with “Duster”. However, this is not the first ad that takes a twist on a classic song to turn it into a jingle for the Duster. In 2016, Queen’s single “Another One Bites the Dust” was used in a commercial that saw various people singing “Another One Drives the Duster”.

The new Dacia Duster Prestige TCe 150 EDC is available for purchase in the UK from £20,345. With an advance rental of £4,500, it can also be paid in 47 monthly payments of £179.

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