Cyber Aware Three Random Words TV Advert - Cardigan Snail Moon

A new Cyber Aware campaign running in the UK encourages people to take their email security to another level by using “Three Random Words” to generate a strong and memorable password.

The ad, released by the National Cyber Security Centre, features a woman clad in a colorful cardigan riding a snail on the Moon who says that many of us have email passwords that are far too obvious. She then suggests using three random words to make the passord harder to hack and easier to remember.

“Just use three random words for email password,” she says, giving an example by mentioning “Cardigan. 5nail. Moon!” and urging you to “Take your email security to another level.”

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre also advises people to turn on 2-Step Verification for their email, get a password manager or save them to their browser, to back up their data, and apply security updates promptly, which will help protect devices and accounts from cyber criminals.


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