Credit One Bank Approdite Commercial

Credit One Bank promotes its mobile app in a new commercial.

The spot features Approdite, Goddess of Apps, visiting mortals to bestow her top-rated apps. She shows up as a date for a man who attends a blind date club and introduces herself, telling him that she blesses mortals with boundless waste. The man, named Jerry, reveals that he reupholsters found furniture and Approdite takes the opportunity to add that her digital kingdom makes it easy for mortals to check their balance, easily schedule payments and earn and boost their rewards. “I think I love you… it. I meant it, the app,” he answers, but Approdite decides to move on to the next mortal.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying that Credit One is a top-rated app for a life ever.

Founded in 1984, Credit One Bank has becomes one of the fastest-growing credit card providers in the US and offers a spectrum of products for people in all stages of their financial life including credit cards through the Visa, Mastercard and American Express networks.

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