Credit Karma Free Gas Hack Benny Knows Commercial - Feat. Benjamin Abiola

Credit Karma gives consumers a “free gas hack” in one of its latest commercials.

The spot features actor Benjamin Abiola playing a guy named Kenny Knows who is at a gas station and gives people a “free gas hack”. He tells them to go to the gas station, pay with Credit Karma money, fill up their tank, and win Instant Karma (which is a debit card purchase reimbursement).

“Free Gas, here we go,” the actor says at the end of the commercial, hitting the road.

Abiola stars in several other similar ads created by Kevin Turner for Credit Karma, featuring various other hacks, such as Free Razor Blade hack, Free Guac Hack, Free Mani/Pedi Hack, and Free Plane Tix Hack.

The campaign spans across broadcast, digital, and social.

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