Columbia Sportswear Omni-Heat Infinity Commercial Girl on a Snow Mountain

Columbia Sportswear advertises its Omni-Heat Infinity, the new gold standard in thermal-reflective warmth, in a hilarious commercial, titled “Fancy and Frozen”.

The spot features two young ladies clad in golden outfits, including mini skirts and high heels, on a snowy mountain (the video has been shot on Mt. Hood, the 11th tallest mountain in the lower 48). “Are we in nature?” “Is that a tree?” they ask, freezing with champagne glasses in their hands.

As another woman, wearing a Columbia Sportwear jacket, shows up, unveiling its golden interior, the voiceover says that “this gold is extra warm because Omni-Heat Infinity uses thousands of gold dots to reflect more of your body heat,” and introduces the Omni-Heat Infinity as “the gold standard in warmth”.

According to the brand, the new insulation technology was inspired by innovations used by NASA. The “Fancy and Frozen” spot, which is complemented by four other spots, all created by agency McKinney, debuted in October 2021, on The Late Late Show on CBS, as part of an integration with USA Curling Team.

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