Citi Custom Cash Card Dan Levy Commercial

Citi promotes its Citi Custom Cash Card in a new commercial, highlighting that it automatically adjusts to earn you more cashback in your top eligible spend category.

The spot features actor Dan Levy at the reception of a hotel, using the Citi Custom Cash Card to pay for his room.

Hearing that this card automatically adjusts to his spending, like select travel, he exclaims that this is great because that was his third red-eye this month. After only a few seconds, he falls asleep and, waken up by the receptionist, he asks what happened.

The voiceover continues his speech by declaring that the Citi Custom Cash Card does the work for you and urges viewers to earn cash back that automatically adjusts to their top eligible spending category. Onscreen lines inform that card owners get 5% cash back on their top eligible spending category up to $500 spent each billing cycle, 1% everywhere else.

Last year, Citi enlisted Rashida Jones to promote its Custom Cash Card. Viewers got to see, in a dedicated commercial, multiple versions of the actress, including “an overly confident DYI Rashida Jones” with a hammer in her hands wondering if she smashed the right wall, a “last-minute gift shopping Rashida,” who wants to buy shampoo in a drugstore as a gift and explains that she’s intended to put a bow on it, and even “sneaking away for a vacay Rashida”.

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