Chime Woman Buying Ice Cream Commercial

Chime promotes its mobile app in a new commercial, highlighting that, with Chime, you get early paydays, easy credit building with Credit Builder, fee-free overdrafts, and a beat you can groove to.

The 30-second ad features a diverse cast of people using the Chime app and building their credit and more with Credit Builder. One woman whose credit score went up with 30 points starts the day with a song she listens in the car on her way to work, another woman gets her manicure done, another one buys an ice cream from an ice cream truck and pays for it with her card.

“When your money’s good, you feel good. Easy credit building, early payday, fee-free overdrafts. It’s banking the way it should be,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, adding the tagline “Chime. The #1 most loved banking app”.

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