CDW Lenovo Cyborg Assistant Commercial

CDW has released a new ad to highlight its partnership with Lenovo in order to offer productivity solutions.

The spot opens with a CDW representative on a video call with a client, telling him that, at CDW, they get it’s hard to keep employees productive when their work and home lives are busier than ever. The man explains that this is the reason they gave cyborg assistance to everyone in the company – to help them with household chores and they could keep working. In the meantime, a cyborg is shown in the man’s house, taking a burnt shoe from the oven, trying to soothe his crying baby and vacuuming dirty dishes.

The DCW lady tells him that CDW can design a productivity solution with Lenovo devices that offer fast, reliable connectivity, to help employees manage their workloads, with or without cyborgs.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to trust Lenovo for technology that moves you forward.


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