Carlsberg Fibre Bottle Actor Mads Mikkelsen Advert / Commercial

Carlsberg announces a paper beer bottle that is 100% bio-based, in its latest commercial.

The spot features the brand’s spokesman actor Mads Mikkelsen saying “We, Danes, are a resourceful bunch. We don’t believe in wasting anything. Burning these (referring to wood fibers) would provide warmth, but what if we could turn them into something more? A beer bottle. Made from natural wood fibers.” He then raises the question “Would that be the best bottle in the world?” and, after taking a sip from the Fibre Bottle, answers “Probably”.

The Fibre Bottle, described as a pioneering packaging solution, is primarily made of natural wood fibers that come from FSC-certified sources in Northern Europe. It features a wood fiber outer shell and a plant-based PEF polymer inner lining, which makes it fully bio-based (excluding the cap) and recyclable (including the cap). The body of the bottle can enter conventional PET-recycling systems or otherwise degrade in nature.

Beer lovers do not have to worry about the beer taste. The brand says that PEF is a highly effective barrier between the beer and fiber shell, capable of protecting the beer’s quality so that consumers can enjoy the same fresh Carlsberg taste, and insulating the beer better than conventional glass or cans to keep the beer colder for longer.

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