B&Q Flip Advert Actress

B&Q has released a new TV advert to highlight that the brand helps people to make their homes right when important changes happen in their lives.

The ad opens with a woman who finds out that she’s going to have another baby and starts thinking about the changes this implies. Luckily, she knows that B&Q’s app could help her on her mission. She is shown climbing out of the kitchen window and waving to her partner and son before literally flipping her house and turning it into a better home for her expanding family. The chaos that unfolded when the house started to slide disappears and, eventually, she is able to enjoy serenity in the family’s new home.

The soundtrack music is “Sound and Vision” by David Bowie.

According to the retailer, a 24-ton, six-storey high rotating set has been built by Uncommon Creative for this campaign film, which aims to forge an emotional connection with consumers.

Chris Graham, director of marketing at B&Q said in a press statement that they are on a mission to ensure that improving a home with B&Q is easy and convenient with the resources made available by the retailer in its network of stores, on its website and in its mobile app.

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