Boots UK Christmas Advert Actress - Feat. Woman Wearing Magical Eyeglasses

Boots UK has unveiled its Christmas 2022 advert, highlighting the wide selection of beauty and wellness gifts available at Boots.

Titled “Joy For All”, the spot features a woman who manages to find out the true desires of her friends and family thanks to a magical pair of Boots eyeglasses. When she puts them on, the ordinary world is transformed into a festive winter wonderland, and the secret wishes of friends and family are revealed. She thus discovers that one of her colleagues from work wishes a spa set, her teenage son wants a fancy hair drier to use for his wigs, a friend wants a fragrance, and another one wants dog-themed items. When she hosts them all in her apartment, on Christmas morning, and sees them enjoy the presents she got for them, she puts on the magical glasses one more time and the two “worlds” are no different anymore, as it used to be before.

The soundtrack music is the 1981 single “You Make My Dreams” by the American duo Hall & Oates, consisting of Daryl Hall and John Oates, taken from their ninth studio album, “Voices”.

Boots says that, with its huge range of beauty and wellness gifts, there’s the perfect present for everyone at Boots this Christmas.


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