BMW iX Yogurt Dance Influencers Commercial - Feat. Pete Alonso, Ozzie Albies, Tim Anderson & Walker Buehler

BMW has enlisted Pete Alonso, Ozzie Albies, Tim Anderson, and Walker Buehler to promote its all-electric 2022 BMW iX.

The spot features the four pro baseball players carpooling in the all-new BMW iX and coming up with the idea of doing more together, like dancing. The powerful Bowers & Wilkin speakers inspire them to imagine what their dance video would look like, but they soon realize this wouldn’t be such a great idea.

The end of the commercial sees the foursome concluding that they don’t need to be dance influencers. An onscreen line introduces the iX as “The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

According to the automaker, the 2022 BMW iX is built for exceptional power and speed, so you can take on new roads and reach new heights. The vehicle features an intelligent kidney grille, a long wheelbase and four frameless doors, a roomy interior, and advanced safety technologies.

The iX lineup includes the iX xDrive50, starting from $83,200, and iX M60, starting from $105,100.

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