Blenders Eyewear Commercial - Beach Volleyball player Geena Urango

Blenders showcases its range of eyewear in a new commercial, titled “Life in Forward Motion”.

Shot by Jimmy Co, the ad features emcee/host, Bucket drummer/motivational speaker Elec Simon, American racing cyclist Rahsaan Bahati, professional surfers Koa Rothman, Lakey Peterson, and Anthony Walsh, professional Beach Volleyball player Geena Urango, World Champion Skimboarder Austin Keen, World Champion Skimboarder, Filmmaker, Editor and videographer based in Laguna Beach, California, Amber Torrealba, Heber Cannon, Buttery Bros, Simi Fehoko, Ashley Kidd, and Cam Fitzpatrick – all showcasing Blendersblender eyewear while doing their sport.

“Blenders Eyewear. Shop your shade today” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

The brand says they are building a positive and thriving community of individuals who act boldly, take chances and pursue their dreams. They’re progressive, passionate and persistent about what they do. They’re hard working, determined and do it with a smile on their face.

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