Bank of America Merrill Investing Teacher at the Museum Commercial - Feat. Actress Shakira Paye

Bank of America promotes its mobile banking app in a new commercial, that focuses on Merrill Investing.

The spot features a diverse cast of people who are using Merrill Investing to have their money always working for them. Among them are Miss Allen (played by Shakira Paye), a teacher with her students at the museum, a middle-aged couple consisting of a woman who’s “building a greener future” (by using the Bank of America app) and a man who’s running a preted restaurant, and a man named Phil, who has questions but none of them are about his portfolio.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “Digital tools so impressive your money never stops working for you with Merrill, a Bank of America company” and adding the tagline “What would you like the power to do?”.

Bank of America says that, with Merrill, your get information and inspiration, and your financial move is only a tap away. You can see where all your finances stand and act quickly with instant transfers between your Bank of America bank and Merrill investment accounts, you can choose your level of guidance, both digital and human, get investing advice tailored to your specific needs, and more.

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