Avalara Commercial Actress - Woman Holding A Kitty

Avalara promotes its software for automated tax compliance in a new commercial, part of the company’s latest campaign, titled “Avalarahhhhh”, showing how Avalara can make compliance more relaxing.

The spot, created by 215 McCann, is set in an office and features a woman who tells her colleague that, thanks to Avalara, they can calculate sales tax on almost anything, anywhere and utters an “Avalarahhh” while leaving on her back. Her colleague makes all kinds of questions, such as “What if tax rates change?” and lists various other tasks, including managing exemption certificates, filing sales tax returns, item classification, and more, but the woman is still relaxed. The ad emphasizes the “Ahhhhh” feeling that CFOs and accounting departments get when using Avalara by showing the respective employee relaxing in various ways, from playing with a kitten, playing with plastic bubbles, to having her hair washed, relaxing in a hammock, getting a massage in a massage chair, and more.

At the end of the commercial, when the woman and her colleague are in a jacuzzi, a superior comes to ask her if she has those budget markups and she immediately gives him some papers with a confident smile on her face.

“Worry-free, automated tax compliance” an onscreen line reads.

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