AT&T Fiber La Neta con Boneta Commercial - Feat. Mexican actor Diego Boneta

AT&T promotes its AT&T Fiber in a new commercial.

The spot, titled “El Portero,” features Mexican actor Diego Boneta as a referee saying that, “if you were to freeze as much as this goalie on your video calls, truth is, it might be your slow upload speeds.” He also adds “and that, my friends, is La Neta con Boneta” and asks for cue music to play. At this point, the jingle “La Neta con Boneta” plays.

A final onscreen line informs that AT&T Fiber guarantees 25x faster upload speeds than cable.

The comparison was made between Internet wired upload connection speed and down capacity vs. major cable provider’s 1Gig and 1.2 Gig services with uploads of 35Mbps.


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