Argos Christmas Advert - They're Coming, Be Ready

Argos celebrates the return of chaotic Christmas get-togethers in its Christmas 2022 advert, emphasizing that Christmas is about community and that Argos has everything you need to make this Christmas truly special.

Titled “They’re coming, be ready”, the spot revolves around a couple in their kitchen, doing the necessary preparations for their Christmas meal.

Asked by her husband how many are coming, the woman answers “Just a few” but juxtaposed footage shows dozens, maybe hundreds of people, dressed in festive attire and carrying presents and champagne flutes descending upon their home. Seeing the huge crowd getting closer and closer, and things like wine glasses, Christmas tree, and bowls of crisps shaking around their house, the couple look at each other wide-eyed in panic.

“They’re coming, be ready” an onscreen line reads toward the end of the spot, which also sees the husband concluding that they are going to need a bigger bowl. The doorbell then rings, and the Argos logo appears.

The advert debuted on November 9 and is set to air across ITV and Sky channels.

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