Archer Roose Elizabeth Banks Snake Commercial

Elizabeth Banks introduces the Snake Rewards Program in the latest Archer Roose commercial.

The actress, who serves as Chief Creative Officer of the wine brand and is in charge of the rewards program, says that running a sustainably-sourced wine business is about giving back and that’s why she’s proud to announce Archer Roose’s latest promotion. She then mentions that, for every 10000 cases of wine you buy, you’ll be sent a complimentary snake. Holding a snake in her arms, she also explains that the customers will be sent a live snake of their choosing right to their door because at Archer Roose they believe wine can make the world a better place. The offer is subject to availability of supplies.

However, earlier this week, Banks issued a retraction and replacement of “The Snake Rewards Program” as a result of legal grey areas and multiple violations of state and federal regulations – specifically in regards to the mailing of poisonous snakes across state lines. Thus, the mailing of live snakes will be replaced by a new loyalty program, called Roose Rewards, in which customers can accrue points, bonuses, and unlock other exclusive member perks by reaching Enthusiast, Insider or Adventurer status. Rewards include cash back towards the next purchase, early access to limited edition wines and seasonal events, and even exclusive merch.

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