Apeel-Protected English Cucumbers Commercial - Cucumber Thunder God

Westmoreland and Apeel Sciences have joined forces to eliminate single-use plastics from Long English Cucumber packaging and have released a series of new blockbuster-style ads.

One of them features an Apeel representative who interrupts a movie trailer featuring the Cucumber Thunder God, to inform that English cucumbers now have plant-based protection called Apeel, keeping it fresh without the plastic, and to encourage viewers to find Apeel produce in grocery stores.

Using materials that exist in peels, seeds and pulp of all fruit and vegetables, Apeel creates a protective seal that keeps moisture in and oxygen out. This delays rot and maintains the cucumber’s color and firmness, eliminating the need for single-use plastics.

Apeel and Westmoreland Topline Farms joined forces in 2021 and starting June 2022, Westmoreland began shipping greenhouse-grown cucumbers without plastic covering to retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

“We’re excited to bring Apeel-protected English cucumbers to more consumers through our partnership with Westmoreland-Topline. With consumers looking for simple ways to shop more sustainably, removing single-use plastics in the produce department just makes sense. Apeel’s unique plant-based protection keeps cucumbers just as fresh as plastic wrap, resulting in less food waste and less plastic pollution,” Ravi Jolly, Apeel’s vice president of new products, said in a press statement.

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