Bradd Bellflower & Dog Licking Dirty Plates Commercial - Feat. Jeff Goldblum has released a series of new ads to highlight the wide variety of filters people can apply on the rental website in order to find the places with their favorite amenities.

One of the spots, dubbed “Furry Dishwasher,” features Jeff Goldblum reprising his role as Bradd Bellflower (described as an eccentric Silicon Valley maverick and visionary futurist, who invented the Apartminternet) saying that, for cleanliness in your kitchen, there is this – referring to a dog licking the dirty plates, and, where you can find apartments that have a stainless steel dishwasher, not a furry one.

The commercial ends with the logo and a thicked “Dishwasher included” filter, which is available on the rental website, allowing renters to find the perfect place for their needs. enlisted Goldblum in 2015 to portray Bellflower. He has since starred in multiple ads. In one of them, he shows people how the website manages to have more listings than other websites. It turns out one of the strategies includes dogs equipped with wireless audio surveillance systems, left roaming in parks.

At the end of 2019, Goldblum appeared in a series of ads called “Renters Holiday Questions Answered” to answer renters’ most puzzling holiday questions.’s competition includes Apartment Guide,,, and Zillow.

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