Amazon Early Black Friday Deals Yeti Buying Hair Dryer Commercial / TV Advert

Amazon has released a new ad to promote its Early Black Friday Deals.

The commercial opens with a frosted yeti who lives alone in the woods, surrounded by snowy mountains. He then decides to buy a hair dryer on Amazon – he manages not only to buy a great hair dryer, that makes his hair look amazing but also save big with Amazon Early Black Friday Deals.

The next shot features the yeti making quite an entrance at a holiday party, where everyone is impressed by his glamorous appearance.

The commercial, scored by the 1981 song “Okay Okay” by Pino D’AngiĆ², from his “…Balla!” album, ends with the voiceover urging viewers to “Shop legendary deals”.

The e-commerce company is famous for its ad campaign. Another recent ad is a modern take on the Red Riding Hood’s story and shows Red Riding Hood throwing a squeaky toy at the wolf when he appears at her grandmother’s door.


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