Amazon Back to School Llamas Commercial - Feat. Actress Kathryn Hahn & School Girl

Amazon has released a new commercial for its Back to School 2022 campaign, starring actress Kathryn Hahn.

The spot, titled “Llamarama”, opens with Hahn highlighting that trends are continuously changing. “Kids. One year they want all dinosaur stuff, the next, camels,” she says, while standing near a school girl who points out that the animals on her backpack are actually llamas.

“So save money shopping Back to School on Amazon,” the actress says at the end of the 15-second video, showcasing the Amazon app. After finishing her “job”, willing to make sure about the animal imprinted on to backpack, she asks the girl if she’s sure that’s not a camel.

In another ad, Hahn, who stars in four new spots for Amazon, encourages consumers to spend less on their “little smarty pants,” “class clown,” “little llama lover,” and “little baby giant,” pointing out that, “this year, no price is too low for your children”.

This year, the e-commerce company’s “Back to School” campaign is obviously targeting budget-conscious shoppers with messages highlighting the possibility to save money when buying on Amazon back-to-school essentials. Earlier this month, after its “Prime Day” sales event, Amazon donated thousands of products to nonprofits and schools across the country.


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