Amazon Alexa Accessibility Blind Chefs Commercial - Feat. Blind Girl Making Pumpkin Pie

Amazon has launched a new campaign that aims to show how the company is working hard to make all of its devices and services great for customers with disabilities.

One of the ads included in the campaign focuses on the Show and Tell feature, which helps visually-impaired persons find out from Alexa what items they hold. The spot shows a blind teenage girl in her kitchen, mixing pumpkin puree in a bowl for a pumpkin pie, with her grandpa keeping her company. At some point, she grabs a can and, holding it up to the Echo Show 15 on the countertop, asks Alexa to tell her what she he holding. Alexa anwers that it looks like Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup, which makes the young chef with curly hair point out to her grandfather that she had asked for condensed milk. Ready to bring her the product she needs for the recipe, the man grabs his keys and gets up, letting her know he’ll be right back.

The end of the commercial sees the blind teenager smiling as her grandpa walks off.

The voiceover declares that Show and Tell assists blind chefs and directs viewers to the Accessibility section on the Amazon website, where they can find out how the company’s products can help people with disabilities.

The campaign includes several other spots, each focusing on a specific feature available on Amazon devices. Amazon points out that you can watch your favorite shows and movies with audio description, increase font sizes and magnification, access your Fire tablet, Echo Show, or Kindle with the VoiceView screen reader, enjoy movies with closed captions, connect with friends using Call Captioning, and pair select hearing aids to Fire TV for private listening, use Alexa to complete shopping tasks, cue up entertainment on Fire TV, and control your smart home devices, customize your reading experience with a range of fonts, sizing and weights, use Immersion Reading to follow along as you listen, and Reading Ruler to keep your place on the page.


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