Amazon Alexa Christmas Commercial

“No matter what your holidays look like, Alexa’s here for the holidays to help you through it all,” this is the idea behind Amazon’s Christmas commercial, which focuses on the many ways Alexa can help you through the holidays.

The spot raises the question if it would even be the holidays without an uncomfortable family dinner, struggling with holiday lights, or questioning what’s eggnog, and features scenes that illustrate these scenarios. The video also highlights that holidays would be even better if you had a little help from Amazon Alexa to get you through, to let dinner dishes speak for themselves, to let holiday lights shine bright without lifting a finger, or just ask the age-old question. A woman is thus shown managing to avoid an awkward moment during family dinner by asking Alexa to play Christmas music, another woman saves her husband from struggling with Christmas lights by asking Alexa to start holiday routine, and a man holding a ziplock bag with eggnog asks Alexa what’s eggnog made of.

The commercial ends with the voiceover pointing out, “no matter what your holidays look like, Alexa’s here to help”.


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