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Amazon promotes its Accessibility features in a series of new commercials, highlighting that the company has made its products and services accessible for all of its customers, including those with disabilities.

One of the spots features a young man with Down Syndrome who, after opening his fridge and seeing only veggies, asks Alexa to send his shopping list to Kris. The virtual assistant does that and Kris, who’s at a farmer’s market, gets to read it immediately on the Amazon app. Seeing the items he wants to buy, such as pizza, sushi, and bagels, Kris smirks and then turns to one of the vendors and asks him, chuckling, if he has any pizza. The man laughs and says he doesn’t have. “No worries,” she answers back.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to use Alexa to share their shopping list and directs viewers to

In the anthem spot for its “Amazon Devices Accessibility” campaign, Amazon introduces itself as “the earth’s most customer-centric company” and shines a light on the accessibility features included on its devices to serve all of its customers. The ad features, among a diverse cast of people with various disabilities, Jessie L, Sr. Accessibility Specialist at Amazon, who’s using a refreshable braille display at her desk.


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