Allstate Frank Commercial - Working From Home

Allstate has released a new ad to highlight that you can save up to 25% and you bundle your home and auto insurance.

The spot opens with Frank, a man who’s lounging in the sun, by the pool, while the voiceover welcomes viewers to Allstate, where everyone saves when they bundle their home and auto insurance. Frank confirms that it’s right and mentions he saved 25%. He protected his house and his “Frank Tank”, but it turns out he’s not relaxing, as the voiceover suggests, but working from home.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to save up to 25% when you bundle home and auto with Allstate and to click or call for a quote.

The insurance company mentions that savings vary by state and that up to 25% is a countrywide average of savings off the Home policy combining the Multiple Policy Discount for having Auto with Allstate and the Welcome Discount.

The deal is also subject to terms, conditions, and availability.

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