AirHeads Commercial - Man Riding Hippo in the Desert

AirHeads has launched a new ad campaign to promote its candies.

One of the spots features a man riding a hippo in the desert and eating AirHeads. On his journey, he meets two other men riding horses. After stopping and looking at them for a few seconds, he decides to hit the road again, not before telling his fellows “Nice horses”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “AirHeads have more fun”.

The brand’s taffy candies, first created in 1985 by Steve Bruner, are manufactured by Dutch-Italian company Perfetti Van Melle in Erlanger, Kentucky and are available nationwide in the United States and Canada where the candy is available in 16 different flavors, including blue raspberry, orange, watermelon, strawberry, white mystery and grape.

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