Acorns Talking Squirrel Commercial

Financial savings and funding app Acorns has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Squirrels Know Wealth”, to encourage informed investment and saving choices.

The spot features a squirrel in a suit in front of a news-like desk, delivering the following message: “Investing is not for everyone, right? Wrong. Wealth comes from pennies. Like oaks come acorns, wealth comes from the decision to invest. To bury your acorns, give them time to grow into a mighty oak like squirrels do and if a squirrel can be an investor, you can, too. You see, investing was never meant to be an exclusive club, you just didn’t have the right tools for it. Now you do.”

The brand’s new mascot is voiced by Christopher Walken, who has also lent his voice to characters in animated movies like Antz and The Jungle Book.

“Acorns – grow your oak!” the squirrel says at the end of the spot. At the end of a second TV ad, the cute animals points out “Over time, all that spare change could grow into a mighty oak. That would be something, wouldn’t it?”.

“We needed our squirrel to have a New York energy, to be able to weather all ups and downs. And Christopher Walken is the King of New York. So it was an obvious decision,” Acorns CEO Noah Kerner said in a press release.

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